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FAQ for Adobe Lightroom & Camera Raw

What is c1ick?

One click was founded in November of 2010 with the idea of making workflow tools for photographers that were truly one click and has evolved into film emulation profiles and educating photographers on what things can and can not be truly one click.

What is a Profile?

A profile is the base for an image that changes the way the color and tonality of the file is interpreted…much like film interprets color and light in it’s own unique way.

What is a C1ick Match Profile?

C1ick Match Profiles are designed to set the base interpretation of an image to emulate the way a specific film and scanner combination would before any adjustments are made in scanner.

How are C1ick Match Profiles different from Presets?

The easiest way to explain the main difference between C1ick Match Profiles and Presets is simply that it gives you a “bigger box of crayons.” ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) and Lightroom let you change the “anchor” color of 8 hues and while that is great and a lot can be done by altering those hues, having thousands to alter does a much better job at emulating the color palette of the film and scanner combination we profile.

Are you selling presets?

No, we are not selling any presets and do not include any presets in the purchase of C1ick Match Profile Packs. The full power of C1ick Match Profiles lie in the profiles themselves and what you choose to do with them.

Can Profiles be presets?

Yes, all of our profiles can be built into a preset. A profile itself is not a preset, but it can be part of one.

What is included when I purchase a C1ick Match Profile pack?

You will receive a zip folder with the Profile Pack you purchased ready to install and use.

What applications do C1ick Match Profiles work with?

Currently C1ick Match Profiles work in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) 10.3 and newer, Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 and newer, Lightroom CC 1.3 and newer, and Lightroom Mobile.

Will C1ick Match Profiles work in older versions of Lightroom?

No, the functionality of the profiles was not added by Adobe until April 2018 (or else we would have released them years ago) and will not work in versions earlier than Lightroom Classic CC 7.3. If you check your Develop panel and see the Profile section at the top of the Basic panel (by default,) then the profiles will work. If you see the Profile section at the bottom of the Develop panel (by default) then you need to update to install and use C1ick Match. We can’t recommend the awesomeness of the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan enough though!

Can I really use these on my phone?

You sure can! Adobe is slowly making it easier and easier to do so as well. To use C1ick Match Profiles on your Android or iOS device, you need to have the profiles installed in Lightroom CC and have your Creative Cloud account linked.

Who are C1ick Match Profiles for?

C1ick Match Profiles were designed to give film photographers and lovers of the film look a replacement for shooting film for times they want to. The goal has always been to create something that doesn't feel like a compromise and make you kick yourself later for “not shooting that on film.”

How do I use C1ick Match Profiles?

We love that the workflow is easier than ever now with C1ick Match Profiles!

  • Select your C1ick Match film & scanner combination from the profile browser

  • Dial in the amount of the profile you prefer (the profiles are most accurate at 100%)

  • Make basic adjustments (in the basic panel in ACR or Lightroom)

Will these match my film scans?

For the majority of people, yes. We’ve had the unique opportunity to edit almost 500,000 images a year for other photographers with most of them being hybrid shooters and because of that have been able to see the look most people are getting from the film and scanner combinations. These should be really close to the way your scans are from your film and scanner combination. C1ick Match Profiles were designed from basic scans out of our Fuji Frontier and Noritsu scanners. No other color adjustments were made to give you the truest tones from the film and scanner.

What if they don’t match my film scans?

While we are confident that these will give you the closest match to your film scans, I honestly wouldn’t put out something that takes into consideration so many variables without having and option to take EVERY variable into consideration. That’s why in addition to C1ick Match, we will be launching C1ick My Match soon…every aspect that makes YOUR film scans look the way they do will be used to create a profile for YOU from the ground up.

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of digital download products, all sales are final and there are no refunds.